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der the light of the street

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Beauty is not violent, but bits and pieces that have never been noticed. ����Inscription if winter passes. Spring will always come; but today has passed and it will never come back. It will always be the past, it can only be the past used to miss ... by the stream, on the grass, by the willows ... There are often one-to-one boys and girls. They talked, sang, played, made noise, promised each other that they would be here when they grew up, and talked about noise as they do now ... their little fingers hooked together and said, "Hook, hang, One hundred years must not change ... The years are like shuttles, I do n��t know how the grass turns yellow through green, and how much green turns yellow ... by the stream, on the grass, next to the willow ... there is an elderly couple, remembering once The promises made to each other, humming gently in their mouths, "Hook, hang, one hundred years must not change. Suddenly, the two white-skinned old man stood up, stood in front of his wife, and his waist slowly fell down. Next, her mouth was gently pressed against her ear, gently, for fear of being known, she might say to her, "Wife! I tell you a secret. Actually, in fact, I will also be magic. If you do n��t believe it, I will show you now ... "Then, he took out a scarf from a child from behind." This is your favorite when you were a kid ... Do you remember? This is when we went to the park when we were kids, I spent all my pocket money on it for you. My wife has n��t waited for him to say She was already carrying tears, she reached out to take over the flower scarf that was too small to carry, and put it gently on her chest, just so gently on her chest. That ��s how they were Looking back at the stream, on the grass, and next to the willows, it seems that the stream has stopped flowing, time has flowed back, back to their childhood, an innocent happy day. The stream runs for them, the birds sing for them, and the leaves sway for them ... At that moment, it began with a momentary impact on the mind ... "The most romantic thing I know is to grow old with you slowly", this should be the true meaning of love, hold hands, and grow old with Zi. Happiness The moment has become eternal beauty Carton Of Cigarettes. [Part 3] Life seems to be a camera, and it is always the beautiful moment that it always captures. ����The inscription recalls that the leaves on the tree are blown down by the wind and return to that An unforgettable night. It was an evening and the sunset was going to have dinner, but I ignored my mother's persuasion to go to the bookstore alone to read and pick books. I saw many wonderful novels, love I couldn't help holding up the book, and I was turning it page by page with interest, as if it were a treasure, I couldn't help it. After reading for a long time, I put down the book and looked out at night. Bookstore. Unexpectedly, just a few steps away from the bookstore, a pea-sized raindrop dripped into my hair Marlboro Cigarettes. At first I didn't take it for granted and walked casually. Later, the pea-sized raindrop sink Knocks on the ground together one after another. The rain is gradually getting stronger, and I have to return to the bookstore to shelter from the rain. Mom must be worried, right? How should I go back? How long can it stop after the rain is so regretful I didn't listen to my mother at the time. I was full of thoughts Wholesale Cigarettes, and I ca n��t go back today ... Did I keep my head down in the bookstore and think, but I did n��t find the thin figure standing in the rain. ... "I still mumbled to myself," Let's go home, shall we? "My mother's words brought me back to life. I saw her standing in the rain with her umbrella, so thin. She smiled bitterly, and waved to me to hide from the umbrella. I saw it in her eyes. She handed it to On my way home, I deliberately tilted my umbrella on my side, and I remembered it in my heart. An inexplicable warm current came from my heart. Under the light of the street lights, a pair of mother and daughter-my mother and I were facing the light As I walked away, this scene seemed to me to be dark in the night. My heart was like a camera, the picture was frozen, and I took this beautiful moment. The phase will never be washed away, nor will it follow It fades with time. Whenever I think of it, I think of my mother's warm love.
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