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Seahawks killed their own drives vs. the Bears

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Swerving Points Womens Russell Wilson Jersey , Week 2: Monday night’s game was ugly, no need to make this column too long. Let’s expand on Tuesday’s blurb about sacks, then spend some quality-over-quantity time with flags, and finally try to end on a non-downer note by saying some nice things about the depleted defense.Your sacks are on fire(Really wanted to type “let’s talk about sacks, maybe” but turns out I used that joke already in 2014, as everyone here today will assuredly remember.)By now it’s pretty common knowledge that the Seattle Seahawks lead the league in sacks allowed (We’re No. 1, We’re No. 1, oh shit, that means We’re No. 32). By now, if you’ve watched football, it’s also pretty common knowledge inside your head that sacks kill drives.Do they ever. Six given up by Seattle on Monday night, and all six stung.Sack 1: Ended the first drive when Aaron Lynch dropped Russell Wilson on 3rd and 2.Sack 2: Maimed the third drive. This is the almost-safety one. 2nd and 15, Wilson takes the snap at the eight, drops back all the way toward the goal line (really?), doesn’t throw the ball as the pocket closes, absorbs a hit on the goal line itself, and falls forward to avoid gifting a couple early points to the Bears. Sets up 3rd and 22, which the Seahawks surprisingly fail to convert.Sacks 3 and 4: They happen in quick succession (first and third down), therefore the fourth drive never has a chance to get started. Two on the same series. Fast-forward to Michael Dickson, who has been sacked zero times in his pro career. Everyone be more like Michael Dickson. Sack 5: Almost killed the sixth drive, butA) Wilson scrambles to complete a long third down, and Sebastian Janikowski’s titanium left leg eventually converts an 56-yard field goal to curtail an almost unwatchable first half on offense.Sack 6: Khalil Mack forces a fumble, a fourth-quarter turnover that helps seal the game, along with other events that have been plenty documented already.The five possessions that featured sacks combined for three total points, so 0.6 points per drive. The seven sack-free possessions led to 14 points.Seattle can win games with 2.0 points per drive, if they’re playing offensive challenged teams like Chicago. They just can’t win games with 2.0 points per drive and also 0.6 points per drive alongside. They simply can’t allow six sacks and hope to still put up enough points to win.As you might’ve seen in the link above, the Seahawks had much of the same problem in 2014, but cleaned it up by season’s end. It’s not apparent, however, that they have the same level of talent as their brothers who won the NFC that season. We’ll see.Penalties: Not half badGood news! Seattle cleaned up their penalty situation. Bad news! They waited until the second possession to do so, after giving seven points that turned out to be the margin of victory.Five flags for 37 yards ought to be reason for celebration. In fact, two games of relatively clean football place the 2018 Seahawks in rare air, by the franchise’s recent standards — the fifth-least penalized team by volume and the fourth-least by yardage. It’s true. Click and see. And recall that Seattle led the league in penalties in both 2013 and 2014.The problem on Monday night was no longer the volume of flags, but the sequencing. A great baseball team can get beat if they scatter their 12 hits all over the nine innings and get just three runs to show for it, while their opponent bunches up their six hits and scores four. That’s kind of the scenario we’re looking at here for Week 2. Three penalties (half of the Seahawks’ total) happened on the first drive, and they occurred on:1st and 10 from the 4: offside on Quinton Jefferson makes it 1st and 5 as the Bears escape the shadow of their end zone.1st and 5 from the 9: hands to the face on Shaquill Griffin sends the ball out to the 27 for another first down1st and goal from the 6: defensive holding on Akeem King in the end zone gives Chicago half the distance to the goal and a new first down.All in all, those three flags helped the Bears construct and sustain a 96-yard drive. But after that? Only two more penalties on Seattle, for a meager 14 yards. A hold on J.R. Sweezy cost them nine, a false start by Germain Ifedi another five. It was an exceptionally clean game in all three phases after the first drive. A shame those first three penalties had to matter so much, and be a swerving point all their own.Run defense: actually goodThe whole Tom Johnson move was a wacky part of a wacky week off the field for the Seahawks Authentic J.R. Sweezy Jersey , as detailed here by Mookie, but maybe it didn’t hurt them that much in this game.No Chicago running back gained more than eight yards on any run play. After the opening drive, on which Trubisky scrambled for 17 yards and the Bears accumulated 25 yards rushing, the home team managed just 61 yards on 24 attempts, or 2.5 ypc. The run defense adjusted quickly to Trubisky’s mobility and to whatever Jordan Howard (14-35-0) was trying to accomplish out there. Seattle, at the defensive line of scrimmage, kept their teammates in the game as long as they could. Pete Carroll’s defense limited explosives — what do you know? Perhaps this week is when we begin to notice that they can make a team one-dimensional, like in the good old division-winning days.It’s also possible that Week 2 could turn out to be a swerving point in the linebacker pecking order. K.J. Wright’s in the last year of his contract, and Austin Calitro played well in his first start for the Seahawks. Eight tackles, one pass defensed, and 100-percent of the defensive snaps makes for quite a debut. Wright will presumably regain his starting spot when he returns from surgery, but the competition for the rest of the season and beyond just swung wide open.The Dallas Cowboys swerve into town Sunday — should Seattle continue to play very good run defense and cut down on mental errors, they’ll have a good chance to nab their first victory. Unless. Unless the sacks. Please, not the sacks.Five Seahawks to watch in Seattle’s 2018 preseason opener against the Indianapolis Colts The Seattle Seahawks will begin their 2018 campaign with a Thursday night preseason home game against the Indianapolis Colts (10 PM ET/7 PM PT on Q13 FOX). As you surely know by now, game results don’t matter in preseason, so ignore the scoreboard and focus on performance, specifically for individual players.Seeing as this is game one of four exhibitions, the first-team players are unlikely to see much playing time, if any. So the spotlight will shine on the backups, rookies, mini-camp tryouts, roster hopefuls, guys on the bubble, etc. You never know when you’re going to find a gem, and the Seahawks have usually done an excellent job of unearthing hidden or undervalued talents over the years.Let’s take a look at five Seahawks to keep an eye on throughout tonight’s showdown with Indy.Rashaad Penny Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY SportsThe Seahawks have had an incredibly difficult time replacing Marshawn Lynch, whether due to injury or poor play, it’s just not worked out. Rashaad Penny was drafted in the first-round out of San Diego State, with much criticism hurled by analysts and even some fans because it’s essentially become taboo to spend a first-rounder on a running back. He was a 2,000 yard rusher in his final year in college, and throughout his career he was a dangerous kick returner.Penny is competing with Chris Carson for the starting job, but frankly I do not care who wins it. If the split of touches is similar to that of Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara down in New Orleans, I won’t complain. I just want to see how Penny looks in live game action, and whether there is legitimate reason to be excited that Seattle has found its new long-term (read: at least four years) running back.Shaquem GriffinPhoto by Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesYounger than Shaquill Griffin by literally a minute or so, Shaquem is the first one-handed player drafted in the modern era, which makes him a sentimental favorite for obvious reasons. Make no mistake about it though, Shaquem can play. He was the Defensive MVP of the 2018 Peach Bowl, and won the 2016 American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year award while at Central Florida. He’s been reunited with Shaquill, which is tremendously exciting, but also exciting is what Shaquem can provide both on special teams and at weakside linebacker. For now, it’s likely that Griffin will be a role player as a rookie Authentic Bobby Wagner Jersey , but we can’t ignore that KJ Wright is in the final year of his contract, and Shaquem could fill his shoes starting in 2019.Wright has been mentoring Griffin throughout the offseason, and we should see Shaquem feature heavily in preseason.Tre FlowersJoe Nicholson-USA TODAY SportsTre Flowers fits the bill for a Seahawks cornerback. He’s listed at 6’3,” 202 lbs, with 33 7/8” arms and a 4.45 40-yard dash. The former Oklahoma State Cowboy didn’t play corner in college, though. Flowers is a safety-to-cornerback conversion project, and is expected to start a cornerback against the Colts.Byron Maxwell is projected to be the CB2 in Ken Norton Jr’s defense, but Flowers is someone the Seahawks coaching staff seem high on, although Pete Carroll did admit that Flowers has “a long way to go.” Maxwell is 30 years old and on a one-year deal, so if not for 2018, Flowers figures to be a part of the team’s plans for 2019 onward. Depth at CB is critical at this moment, and I’m hopeful that this process has gone well and that Flowers is better suited for corner than safety.David MooreJake Roth-USA TODAY SportsI hold a pretty negative opinion of the Seattle Seahawks receiving corps apart from Doug Baldwin and Tyler Lockett, of which the latter is a free agent in 2019, and Seattle has very rarely given their offensive draft picks a second contract under John Schneider. Jaron Brown is the presumptive #3 WR having been brought on in free agency this offseason. The #4 spot is real tricky. Brandon Marshall has apparently done very well throughout training camp, but he’s coming off a drop-filled, injury-shortening 2017 season. Amara Darboh is very much on the bubble. Tanner McEvoy is still here, I suppose. Marcus Johnson was sent here as part of the Michael Bennett trade.Then there’s David Moore, a second-year man from little-known Division II East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. He didn’t make the cut last year but was placed on the practice squad, then eventually activated to the 53-man roster, appearing in the team’s season finale against the Arizona Cardinals.Even in preseason, Moore only caught 4 passes for 44 yards, but the ever-optimistic Carroll believes that David is poised for big improvement in 2018. He’s impressed at training camp, and now is the chance for him to make his claim to make the final roster come September. Perhaps Moore can prove me wrong and that there is reason to be hopeful about Seattle’s receivers moving forward.Michael DicksonTroy Taormina-USA TODAY SportsThis sounds absurd for me to be championing watching a punter, but let’s face it, preseason provides a lot of punting opportunities, and the Jon Ryan vs. Michael Dickson competition really will ratchet up over the next few weeks. On one side, Ryan has been Seattle’s punter since 2008, but Seattle’s punting DVOA has cratered since 2013, and Ryan is part of the problem. Dickson was such a good punter in college that he declared for the pros early. Seattle used a fifth-rounder to draft him... again, with skepticism (self-included) about trading up with the Denver Broncos to get the former Texas Longhorn. He does an excellent job of pinning opponents inside the 20, and how can you not get pumped up for the man once described as the Aaron Donald of college punting?Dickson is cheaper by default, whereas cutting Ryan saves $5 million for the Seahawks. If Dickson shines in the preseason, then it’s probably goodbye to Jon, but it’s more than justified. Alternatively, Dickson is the punter, while Ryan gets moved to backup quarterback.Follow Field Gulls on social media!Twitter - FieldGullsFacebook - Field Gulls: For Seattle Seahawks News and Analysis
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