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The Steelers obviously didnt get enough

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in return for the trade of Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders. But Jack Ham Jersey , then again, given the receivers ongoing antics, maybe they got all that they could."In a trade that will be made official on Wednesday when the NFLs new calendar year kicks off (unless he ruins the deal by saying Ken Stabler didnt respect Cliff Branch nearly enough), the Steelers have sent disgruntled All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown to the Raiders in exchange for their 2019 third and fifth-round draft picks.Thats it?I was asking that question on Saturday night, anyway, when the news first broke. This is how this all ends?The greatest receiver in Steelers history, a man who had the greatest statistical six-year run in NFL history, is shipped off to Oakland for what you got for Martavis Bryant....plus another measly pick? I continued to have those thoughts on Sunday afternoon when I spoke with Bryan Anthony Davis on a special edition of the Steelers Hangover. If it were up to me, and all I could get for Brown was what I actually got for him, I would have waited it out. I would have continued to field offers between now and the start of the 2019 NFL Draft. And if I still didnt get what I wanted, I would have waited until the end of training camp. And, assuming Brown was intent on not showing up for camp and the season, I would have allowed him to sit out all of 2019while fining him weekly paychecks in the process. How can you only get what you got for Antonio Brown? Heres a man who I often compared to Jerry Riceand without my tongue firmly planted in between my cheek. He was and perhaps still is the ultimate wide receiver. Great hands. Great routes. Great speed. Great quickness. Maybe the best ever at getting those two feet in-bounds (they, or at least, he, didnt call him Tony Toe Tap for nothing). Here we are, days later, and I'm still a little displeased with the return (the haul JuJu Smith-Schuster Jersey , as they say this time of year) for No. 84. But at the same time, Im also a realist. Although the Raiders, one of the favorites to land Brown all along, had three first-round picks, even the most optimistic Steeler fan had to have some bad thoughts in the back of his or her mind last week after Brown torpedoed a reported trade with the Bills. One such thought perhaps was, Geeze, with Brown pulling a John Elway (1983)/Eli Manning (2004) by proclaiming quite loudly that he wouldnt go to Buffalo, its hard to imagine the Steelers being able to fully recover in the Brown to whomever sweepstakes.Yet, when news broke on Friday night that Brown would likely be going to a new team, and that team was probably Oakland, the thought of Pittsburgh not being able to pry one of those first-round picks away seemed absurd.I guess it was absurd. It was absurd to think the Steelers could actually recover from the damage Brown had done the past nine weeks or so, especially the most recent damage of nixing trades with teams he didnt want to go to. Its hard to get a team to give up a first-round pick for a player when that player might just up and retire if he doesnt want to play for that team. It's hard to trade a player to a new team when that player is talking about re-working his already very lucrative deal once he gets to that new team.And, besides, as Bryan pointed out during our rather cathartic show, whos to say Brown wouldnt do or say something bizarre/crazy/stupid between now and the draft, between now and the end of training camp? And while I might do this or that, the only person with the power to do those things is Kevin Colbert, the general manager and the man who takes orders from Art Rooney II James Conner Jersey , the guy with the owners mentality (hes actually allowed to have that mentalityat least I think so) that didnt get a return call from Brown, his employee, after he skipped out on practice and then went AWOL at halftime of the regular season-finale vs. the Bengals. That was a lot of insubordination I just described in that last run-on paragraph. Maybe Colbert got a directive from Rooney to get what he could for Brown and to do it in a very timely manner. We shall never know.So, did the Steelers really get enough for Antonio Brown? No. But, then again, how could they? The idea of an 18-game regular season has been floating out in the NFL ether for quite some time. What does that mean? The owners desperately want it. And in the world of big business, the people writing the checks eventually get what they want." />Skip to main contentclockmenumore-arrownoyesHorizontal - WhiteBehind the Steel Curtaina Pittsburgh Steelers communityLog In or Sign UpLog InSign UpFanpostsFanshotsSectionsSteelersOddsShopAboutMastheadCommunity GuidelinesStubHubMoreAll 322 blogs on Horizontal - WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Latest NewsSteelers Film Room2018 NFL Draft AnalysisLatest NewsFiled under:Latest NewsCommentaryIt seems as if an 18-game NFL season is inevitable New,43commentsThe idea of an 18-game regular season has been floating out in the NFL ether for quite some time. What does that mean? The owners desperately want it. And in the world of big business, the people writing the checks eventually get what they want. EDTShareTweetShareShareIt seems as if an 18-game NFL season is inevitable Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThe NFL CBA is up in 2021 which could lead to a lockout, a strike or, if all goes smoothly, a harmonious and successful renegotiation with specific changes that, if the owners finally get their wish, will include an 18-game regular season.It seems like the threat of an 18-game regular season has been hanging up there in the ether for close to a decade (if not longer). Unfortunately for NFL owners, their desires for a lengthened regular season have coincided with growing concerns for the toll the game of football takes on an athletespecifically the toll it takes on his brainwho decides to make that his first post-college profession. To the leagues credit, it has respondedno doubt, reluctantlyto the concerns by spending many hours and many millions of dollars over the past decade researching ways to make injuries associated with head trauma injuries both of the short term and long term varietyless of a factor than they ever were at any point in NFL history.This has led to several rule changes, a focus on proper technique and an enlightenment for everyoneincluding owners Artie Burns Jersey , players and even the fansto the dangers of the sport of football. Will this be successful in the long run? Its hard to say. No matter what one does to try and make football safer, its a violent sport at its very core, and theres only so much one can do to lessen the toll it takes on the body and, more importantly, the brain. So why an 18-game regular season? If the league is so concerned about player safety, how can it even think about expanding its schedule? Because of money, thats why. Hypocritical? No doubt. But people need to remember that the owners, well, own the teams. They are in chargebelieve it or not, its not commissioner Roger Goodell. More regular season games means more revenue for the league, as well as the major networks, who, believe me, would love two more weeks to air the ratings juggernaut that is NFL football. As someone who has worked for many bosses in my day, believe me when I tell you, when a boss wants something, eventually the boss is going to get his or her way. Is it always fair? No. But the person writing the checks usually has a stronger vote. This ongoing threat of an 18-game schedule kind of reminds me of those all-too familiar threats from various team owners throughout the years who always seem to want a new stadium...or else. Sure, the politicians and citizens complain Sean Davis Jersey , and these fights often go on for years. But in the end, the owners usually win out and get their new stadiums builtat little cost to the owners. Again, fair? No. But the NFL is big business, and the kind of revenue it generates is ultimately too much for a city to walk away from.Id imagine the same can be said for your average NFL player (emphasis on averageNFL player, meaning the rank and file). As least thats what former NFL player and current analyst Phil Simms said recently.More money, said Simms in a quote courtesy of his podcast, Unbuttoned, and Profootballtalk.com. More game checks. Its pro-rated. Give me two more game checks. If you put it up to a vote by the NFL players, itll overwhelmingly go over and say yes. Some of the elite quarterbacks and a few players, no. Well yeah, youre making 25 and 30 million. But the guys that are making a million or less...two more game checks? Are you kidding me? Think about what those checks look like and how much that is and how much of a difference that makes in their lives.Onto the fans...I could never figure out why they dont want more regular season games. We say we hate the over-saturation of the league (Damn those Thursday games!), but most hardcore fans do nothing but talk about football the entire off-season. Is more football really such a bad thing? If yes, why? How can more of something we enjoy really be a bad thing? You might say it will dilute the product and produce more meaningless games. It could. But it could also lead to more teams remaining in the playoff hunt longer, which will lead to more meaningful football. No matter how you slice it, the league isnt going to move away from the 20-game revenue model its been using since at least the 1960s and early-to-mid 70s, when there were 14 regular season games and six preseason games. You might think it sucks that you have to pay full price to watch a meaningless preseason game, and youre right, it does suck. But the owners simply arent going to cut the current four-game preseason schedule in half and be done with it. Again Ramon Foster Jersey , theyre going to want to keep their 20-game revenue model, which will mean expanding the regular season. Fans also seem to be concerned about player safety.But is player safety really a concern to the average NFL fan? If so, great, but that doesnt mean an 18-game regular season wont be a good thing. One thing we can say now that we couldnt say even 10 years ago, is that, again, we know the deal with regards to the toll the game of football takes on the bodyspecifically, the brain. If youre a high school or college football player (or his parents), and you dont know the dangers of playing that sport, shame on you for a thousand years.But you probably do know the dangers. The NFL may have reluctantly allowed us all to know the real do about the game of football, but at least it finally let us know. Now, a player gets to decide on his life pathand do so with all the important information at his grasp. If a player knows what hes putting himself through and still wants to play, who is anyone to stop him? Even Troy Polamalu, of all people, said he knew the deal years ago but chose to keep playing anyway. James Harrison once said he was willing to go through hell so his kids wouldnt have to. Perhaps the fans will one day be the judge and jury on the dangers of the game of football and begin to tune out in numbers that will ultimately cripple the National football League.However, that day doesnt appear to be coming anytime soon, which means an 18-game regular season will likely be a reality in the very near future.
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