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Since 2000 their have been 116 hirings

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and firings of NFL head coaches - 38 of those have been “retread” head coaches (32.8%) Brian Dawkins Jersey , meaning that they have been a head coach (not just interim) before in the NFL. That number is lower than I would have expected since it seems that the NFL keeps bringing around the same few tired head coaches and giving them one more shot. What this also means is that 78 of the head coaches hired this century in the NFL had zero NFL head coaching experience when they were hired (67.8%). Why is the relevant? There are five candidates that the Broncos are rumored to be interested in for the vacant head coaching spot of our franchise: Chuck Pagano, Vic Fangio, Mike Munchak, Zac Taylor and Brian Flores. Pagano and Munchak have been NFL head coaches before. The other three guys have not. That’s great, Joe. Why should we care? Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsRon Chenoy-USA TODAY SportsThey ^^^^^ are why: in recent Bronco history we have hired two retreads, John Fox and Gary Kubiak, and two newbie head coaches in Josh McDaniel and Vance Joseph. By and large the retreads were successful while the newbies were not - both being fired during or immediately after their second season. So what does NFL history tell us about the success or failure of newbie head coaches vs retreads?Let’s delve into this. I looked at 74 (of the 400+) men who have been NFL head coaches - focusing mostly on coaches from the past 30 years. I used winning percentage as my main measure of success (although I was told I should use Super Bowl victories as a factor). I asked these questions:How many only coached for one franchise? - 23 of the 74. I was surprised there were that many, but quite a few of these guys coached 40-50 years ago. I also excluded guys who only were a head coach for one or two seasons. Every coach of the 74 has at least 40 wins. Note that Chuck Pagano has only coached for the Colts - and he has one of the lowest winning percentages on the list (one reason why he got fired). In his one season without a #1 overall pick playing QB for him (both Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck were #1 overall picks) his team went 4-12. I should also note that first time head coaches that failed miserably and were not given a second chance are not on this list, so it is skewed towards those who were successful enough to last at least four or five years with the team that gave them their first shot. 2. How many of these coaches improved in their second stint as a head coach?answer: 13 That is more than I would have expected. When coaches did improve in their second stint, the average was an improvement of 18% with Lou Saban having the biggest improvement (31%) while Andy Reid’s 9% improvement with the Chiefs is the lowest. Note that I did not count a change of 5% or less as an improvement (or degradation) of a coach’s winning percentage. The poster child for improvement in their second HC job (at least in the modern NFL) is Bill Belicheat. Mike Shanahan was also quite good in his second stint as a head coach as was John Fox - both in Denver. 3. How many had no change in their second HC job relative to their first? answer: 11Remember that if the change is 5% or less, I am not counting it as change. We can see that this list has two Hall of Fame coaches on it (Ewbanks and Allen) and one who will probably be in the Hall based on his two Super Bowl Victories (Tom Coughlin). I should note that while George Allen’s winning percentage did not change much, it was really good in both is head coaching stints. Oddly enough, Tom Coughlin’s was exactly the same in New York and in Jacksonville - 53.1%. 4. How many got worse in their second HC gig? answer: 27Wait, so more often than not, these guys do worse in their second gig? Why does the NFL keep recycling them then? answer: They are a “known” quantity and there is a hope that they can be the next Belicheat. That is one reason why Adam Gase and Josh McDaniels are both getting interest to fill one of the eight current head coaching vacancies in the NFL. Some of these coaches failed spectacularly in their second head coaching jobs - for various reasons. George Seifert went from a franchise loaded with talent (49ers) to a franchise bereft of it (Panthers) as did Steve Mariucci (49ers to Lions). Dom Capers went from a team that he built from the ground up (Panthers) to a team that he was unable to repeat that same building process (Texans). Tom Flores went from a team with a fanatical/activist owner (Faiders - where he won two Super Bowls) to a team with no real guidance from the owner or the GM (Seahawks).I should note that some of those who got worse in their second stint, improved in their 3rd stint - Bill Parcells, Pete Carroll Noah Fant Denver Broncos Jersey , Jack Pardee and Norv Turner were all better in their 3rd head coaching positions in the NFL than in their second. So you have seen the data. Do you want to hire a retread in Pagano or Munchak? Do you want to give a long-time coordinator, Vic Fangio, his first shot as a head coach? Or do you want to give a young relatively unproven guy a shot as our head coach? Does hiring a coordinator from the Patriots, Brian Flores, still hold some distaste for you like it does for me? What about hiring a positional coach, Zac Taylor, who is not much older than our starting QB? ENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Vikings–Broncos exhibition Saturday night features more intrigue than the typical preseason opener.Denver QB Case Keenum gets to face his former teammates whom he helped reach the NFC championship before management dumped him in favor of Kirk Cousins , the jewel of this winter’s free agent class.More Vikings coveragePhotos of the Week: 7/21/19 – 7/27/19Rookie Bradbury is central figure to Vikings’ overhauled offensive lineVikings depth at cornerback being tested, Hughes still not clearedPlayers to watch at Minnesota Vikings 2019 training campTop Tweets: Vikings WR Diggs makes push for All-NFL Style TeamKeenum said Wednesday he’s eager to face the Vikings.“Definitely. I mean, I got a firsthand view of how good a defense it is, so I know we’ve got our work cut out for us. It’s going to be a great test. I’m excited to go compete against a really, really talented defense,” Keenum said.Keenum insisted he holds no grudges , either.“No, man. I love all those guys,” he said. “This Saturday it’s going to be a competition and we’re going to get after it. I know those guys are going to be jacked to get back on the field just like I’m jacked to get back on the field. But Noah Fant Denver Broncos Jersey , no. No bad feelings.”Keenum went 12-4 for the Vikings last season after injuries to Sam Bradford and Teddy Bridgewater, but Minnesota moved on in the offseason, winning the Cousins sweepstakes with, among other things, a strong roster, a sparkling new stadium and a fully guaranteed contract for $84 million over three years.Keenum signed a two-year, $36 million deal in Denver.Asked what he admires about Keenum’s game after watching film of last season’s surge, Cousins said, “Any time you win 13 games and a playoff game you’re doing an outstanding job as a quarterback, but I’ve watched Case going back to his days in Houston running Coach (Gary) Kubiak’s offense, watching him in L.A. He won that job in training camp, and here, he’s just a winner.”Cousins said Keenum does all the little things right: “There’s a lot of positives to his game.”It’s just that the Vikings found more to like in Cousins’ repertoire.“Case was a winner,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said. “He won a lot of games and moved well in the pocket. He’s a great teammate and made some outstanding plays for us.“With Kirk, he’s been as advertised. He throws the deep ball well, very accurate, and takes charge of the offense.”Cousins and Keenum figure to play a series or two Saturday night Noah Fant Jersey 2019 , then give way to their backups, and that’s where the real intrigue comes in.Trevor Siemian won the Broncos’ starting job each of the last two summers but was traded to Minnesota after the Broncos signed Keenum.Zimmer said Siemian’s 24 starts over the last two years and high IQ made him a perfect fit as Cousins’ backup.Siemian said Keenum’s short stint in Minnesota is indicative of how important it is to have a capable backup ready to step in and run the offense should the starter get hurt.“Case here, Nick Foles in Philly,” Siemian said. “Yeah, I think you’re one play away. My job is to prepare as if I’m starting and knock on wood, if I’m called upon, I’ll be ready to go.”Siemian, however, might not even get as much work this weekend as another former Broncos QB, Kyle Sloter, who signed with the Vikings a year ago after a surprisingly strong camp in Denver.The Broncos are still holding out hope that Paxton Lynch is a late-bloomer and not a first-round bust.Broncos coach Vance Joseph declared Lynch and Chad Kelly would battle it out for the backup job this summer, yet Lynch has worked exclusively with the second-teamers while Kelly has worked with the third-stringers so far.Kelly, however, has consistently outshined Lynch and was clearly the superior quarterback in a recent scrimmage.Lynch figures to get the bulk of the snaps Saturday night for Denver, and his performance could go a long way in determining if the Broncos need to consider signing a veteran backup for Keenum.
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