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The good news is

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Youth Charles Leno Jerseys , the Bears won the game. The bad news is, they only had 1 sack...and it was a defensive back that got it. We all knew that Khalil Mack was going to be critical to the Bears success defensively, I don’t think we ever imagined that it would be this stark of a difference however. In the 4 games with a healthy Mack, the Bears had 18 sacks and were on pace to break the NFL record. From the injury onward, 2 sacks in 3 games, and that simply isn’t getting it done. The other good news is that I have no quarrels with Vic Fangio’s game planning this week. They played man coverage, let the outside linebackers rush the passer, and utilized the blitz effectively. Both Bryce Callahan and Sherrick McManis got some nice pressure, as did Akiem Hicks and Leonard Floyd. Outside of that though Charles Leno Jerseys Stitched , nada. There wasn’t much pressure to choose from, so this will be another short Rush Report.Week 8 vs the JetsSack 1 - Fourth quarter 13:35 (2nd & 13) - Bryce CallahanThe Bears only sack of the game came on a blitz (surprise, surprise). This wasn’t an all-out blitz, but a calculated 5-man pressure package with Callahan coming off the edge from the slot. All of the lineman and outside linebackers are flowing to their right to allow space for Callahan, who is a sure tackler in space. This was a very nice design from Fangio. Aaron Lynch keeps contain to the offense’s left side and Leonard Floyd flashes inside to take away a place for Sam Darnold to step up into. Callahan starts to bring him down and Eddie Goldman gets the assist with a cleanup in isle 14. Pressure of the WeekFourth quarter 5:45 (3rd & 13) - Leonard FloydHere is one of Fangio’s wrinkles that he employed multiple times on Sunday. We see Bilal Nichols lining up at the 4-3 defensive end spot, Eddie Goldman at the nose (1-technique), Aaron Lynch with his hand in the dirt at the other 4-3 end position, with Floyd outside of Lynch. Both Lynch/Floyd and Goldman/Nichols have a twist stunt on this play. Floyd looks to have a clean shot and wisely puts his hands up to bat down a pass, and forces Darnold outside. Lynch has a shot but gets chipped by the running back. Danny Trevathan has the running back in coverage Youth Kyle Fuller Jerseys , when he stays in to block, he chases Darnold to the sideline. Here’s how I have the individual* Rush Report after week 7.Khalil Mack - 4Team Sacks - 3Akiem Hicks - 2Roquan Smith - 2Roy Robertson-Harris - 1.5Aaron Lynch - 1.5Bryce Callahan - 1.5Eddie Goldman - 1Danny Trevathan - 1Sherrick McManis - 1SINO - 1Bilal Nichols - 0.5*These numbers do not reflect a players official statistics. SB Nation is ranking each position group in the NFL and they have the tight ends of the Chicago Bears checking in at number 11." Latest NewsRoster AnalysisBears’ tight ends just miss a top 10 rankingNew,36commentsSB Nation is ranking each position group in the NFL and they have the tight ends of the Chicago Bears checking in at number 11. CDTShare this storyShare this on FacebookShare this on TwitterShareAll sharing optionsShareAll sharing options for:Bears’ tight ends just miss a top 10 rankingTwitterFacebookRedditPocketFlipboardEmailMilwaukee Journal Sentinel-USA TIt seems there’s always at least one player on the Chicago Bears roster with some bad injury luck that gets the fans’ ire up when mentioned. So, let’s get this out of the way early and talk about Adam Shaheen. The bonus with any Shaheen discussion is that it’s not only his missing 13 games in two years that becomes a talking point, but also his second-round draft status that riles fans up. The bust label is always thrown out when a player has injury issues, but is that fair?When I think of busts, I think of drafted players that can’t play, not guys that are picked then struggle with injuries. Guys like Cade McCown, Jaron Gilbert Kyle Fuller Jerseys Stitched , or Michael Haynes were all drafted then flamed out because of lack of talent. But a guy like Marc Columbo, who suffered through injuries in Chicago only to have a successful career in Dallas once healthy, or Dan Bazuin, who suffered a knee injury that prevented him from even playing in the NFL, shouldn’t be looked at as busts. So where does that leave Shaheen?His injuries haven’t been serious to the point that they should limit his athleticism, so we’ll find out what his upside is this year. If he stays healthy. It’s always going to come back to heath until he plays a season relatively unscathed, but the last two offseasons he has looked ready to make a leap. So far at OTAs, the beat writers have talked up how Shaheen has looked, and at training camp a year ago Youth Pat O’Donnell Jerseys , it was Shaheen making the crowd take notice with his numerous red zone catches, and all around solid play. Also, the Bears we’re doing a bunch of stuff from double tight end sets in Bourbonnais, and it looked like they had big plans for the position group in 2018. But Shaheen suffered a preseason injury and we never really got to see that aspect of Matt Nagy’s offense.That could change in 2019. SB Nation has been running through a ranking for each position group in the NFL and they have the Bears’ tight ends checking in at 11th overall. Some of that does have to do with the returning Trey Burton, who set career highs across the board in 2019 with 54 receptions (10th highest among TEs), 569 yards (13th), and 6 touchdowns (tied for 4th at his position), but they are taking depth into consideration as well.They have Shaheen (TE2) and Ben Braunecker (TE3) listed on their spreadsheet, so do those two names bring enough juice to get the Bears ranked sop high?The Bears running game did see a boost in production when Shaheen became their primaryin-line (Y) tight end Pat O’Donnell Jerseys Stitched , but I’d still like to see more from the 6’6”, 270 pounder. He has the physical traits to become an above average blocker, and the athleticism to be a weapon in the passing game. Braunecker will back up at both the Y and the U (move TE), plus he could play as an H-Back. But the wildcard at the position could be Bradley Sowell, who as the swing tackle in 2018 played more of a tight end role, prompting the Bears to move him to full time tight end this year. Chicago also has a slew of undrafted free agents in camp, so what are your overall thoughts on the position, and on SB Nation’s ranking?
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