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It's just an instant p

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It's just an instant process, but if you recall it carefully, you will find that the process is so long and far away. I rummaged in the back of my head, but I couldn't find a complete picture of childhood. Only a few fragments were left. But among these fragments of memory, I spliced ??the back of my father. The back, as if a landscape, accompanied me to grow. Looking back at that incomplete memory, I tried hard to remember, and finally fixed the picture when I was about to leave school: I was doing homework in the classroom, and a thunder blast suddenly sounded, and my heart jumped. There was a torrent of heavy rain pouring out of the window, mixed with thunderous thunder, and bursting out roars, hitting the ground fiercely mokingusacigarettes.com, the momentum that was enough to shake the world was frightening. Pakistani watched the classmates being picked up by their parents one by one. My heart was full of longing, but my father said from an early age that he would exercise my independence, and he rarely came to school to pick me up. After hesitating for a while, I still carried my schoolbag and went home alone. I covered my head with my hand and hurried through the place where the rain was lighter. Although it was small, it was relatively speaking. Not long after I left the school gate, my body was soaked, and the raindrops hurt my face. I rushed to the side of the store to hide from the rain, but I seemed to drift across the road leading to the school and saw a familiar back, I was a little puzzled. I hurried into a telephone booth in the rain. I quickly dialed my father's phone with my finger, and a "beep" busy sound was heard. Finally, the phone was connected after half a minute Marlboro Red. There was a thunderous sound on the phone. "Papapa", I said aloud: "Dad, where are you?" It took a long time to hear an anxious voice: "Where are you, I'm almost at the gate of your school." "Ah, I just came out. "I confirm that the familiar back I saw just now is my father! I turned around and stared directly at the door of the school, a vague figure standing firmly there. The shadow of the father in my head seemed to be in harmony with it, and my heart finally affirmed: he is really a father! The heavy rain was ruthlessly washing the ground, and the wind screamed. My father was holding an umbrella in the palm of his hand, and heavy raindrops hit the umbrella fiercely Carton Of Cigarettes, but his eyes looked anxiously at the gate of the school. My eyes kept looking at my father's strong back, and a sense of security surrounded me. My eyes were wet and blurred my eyes. The silent tears moved the past even more. I often blame my father secretly in my heart. I didn't care about me like other fathers, so I had a gap with him. But at that moment, when I saw my father's firm background when he barely held his umbrella and faced the school gate in the heavy rain, my heart melted instantly. In my opinion, the back of my father was the most beautiful scenery in my memory .
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