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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - opher's Stone" With Hermione
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opher's Stone" With Hermione

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read a book called "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" at home on the weekend and found it very interesting. It describes the unusual experiences of a few brave children. One of the boys, Ron, had a mortal spirit of self-sacrifice. Another girl, Hermione, had extraordinary wisdom. What I admire most is Harry, who has the courage and courage to be fearless. When Harry was one year old, his parents were killed by Voldemort, and a man named Dumbledore sent him to Dursley's house. At the time, the Dursleys were very unfriendly to Harry Wholesale Cigarettes. Harry lived in the storage room below the stairs of his house. He was very poor. He never had a birthday, let alone a birthday party. Suddenly one day an owl messenger sent a mysterious letter, and that's what happened unbelievably. Attached to the letter was an offer letter from Hogwarts School of Magic. That's how Harry arrived at the magic school on the express train on September 1. At school, he not only met his two best friends Ron and Hermione in his life Cigarettes For Sale, but also learned a lot. He became the school's smallest golfer for more than a century. Won the championship. The presence of the Philosopher's Stone gave Harry the opportunity to compete with his enemy mokingusacigarettes.com, Voldemort. What moved me was that in Chapter Seventeen, Harry's friend Ron was on the giant magic chessboard in order to let Harry and Hermione move on, sacrificing themselves to withdraw from the chessboard. Hermione used her intelligence and logical reasoning to get Harry through the final level. In the end, with the help of everyone, Harry defeated Professor Quillo and Voldemort attached to the professor, and successfully prevented Voldemort from obtaining a magical magic stone. What attracted me to this story was not only the wonderful storyline, but also the friendship, courage, and sacrifice between Harry and his friends. Their friendship in distress and truth finally united them to overcome difficulties and defeat Voldemort. At school, I also have good friends like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, that is, "Fan Fan and Peng Peng". On one occasion, my test scores were not satisfactory. When I was sad and depressed, "Fan Fan and Peng Peng" suddenly appeared in front of me to comfort me, encourage me, chat with me, and make me happy. Not only did they help me find out why the exam was not ideal, but they also carefully taught me to correct the wrong questions and helped me regain my confidence. "Fan Fan and Peng Peng" is like Ron in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" With Hermione, they often gave me courage and strength when I encountered difficulties, helped me overcome difficulties, and encouraged me to keep moving. I also cheered up again and invested in new learning. In the future study and life, I should cherish the friendship between my classmates and believe that as long as we work together, any difficulties will be overcome by us
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