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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - ��s words. She said that the face s
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��s words. She said that the face s

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Great world, all sentient beings. Everyone has a face that is different from others. Those diverse faces are the business cards that everyone is different from others. That business card has its own unique information. Those messages convey everyone ��s popularity, taste, image, and temperament. Is unique to everyone. It can be said that everyone is just a face in the crowd. Those faces are shaking in front of the eyes. This world is so wonderful. In the rolling red dust, those faces alternately perform an extraordinary beauty. However, standing in the wind of years, how many faces can each person remember in the crowd? How many faces that come and go in front of you are familiar or familiar? I don't believe it's too many, most of them are meeting and not meeting each other, everyone is just strangers in a hurry. Everyone spends his entire life, although he is dealing with different people, but even if his communication is more extensive, the people he knows are very limited. Everyone's circle is always too small to cover all the faces, so the scenery on the street is always different. So everyone cherishes the faces they are familiar with. If, one day, you find that although all the faces are in front of your eyes Wholesale Cigarettes, but you can't tell who is who at all, how do you feel in your heart? In the American movie "Face in the Crowd", the protagonist Anna is a kindergarten teacher. She accidentally discovered a homicide. She hit her head in a fight with the murderer. After she woke up, she found that she was not Could not recognize any face in front of him. It turned out that she had suffered from "human amnesia." The disease was terrible. Anna couldn't recognize her girlfriend, her boyfriend living with her, and of course the murderer. In the play, under the treatment of a psychologist Marlboro Gold, Anna tries to identify the face in front of her by learning some details. After learning about Anna's condition, the murderer took the risk to change Anna's boyfriend's clothes and tie, ready to kill her. Finally, with the help of the police, justice overcame evil. The policeman she relied on died, and he said to Anna before her death: "You will find other people, I'm just another face in the crowd." Anna's illness has not improved, and she has to change jobs. Psychologists say "there may be a face in a sea of ??people that will magically remain the same Marlboro Lights." It was not until the daughter was born that Anna understood the doctor ��s words. She said that the face she could recognize was love. Yeah, if there is love in the heart, all the faces in the world will have vivid faces and be eternally moved.
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