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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - rever I go, that's where I sho
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rever I go, that's where I sho

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A person who knows how to be grateful will always love it, just like birds love their feathers and flowers love their fragrance Carton Of Cigarettes. I work in the government department, and the nine-to-five working mode does not make me bored, because I love my work and get a good enjoyment in the work. I think this should come from love. I try my best to do everything in the score, even if it is a telephone record, a routine research activity, I try my best. Work is like this, it seems to be repeated labor, but if you really do it with your heart and do it with emotion, you will have a sense of existence and value, and that feeling is incredible. Most of the people who complain about work all day around do not understand the meaning of work, but just use work as a means of earning a living. I cherish everyone around me, especially those who are kind. I have learned from them that being kind and helping others is fun. There is a popular phrase on the Internet: "What kind of person you are, there will be a circle of friends." Most of my friends are as kind and righteous as I am. We often do volunteer work together to help the poor children in the mountains Marlboro Red. What kind of aura will attract what kind of people. Now our circle of friends is getting bigger and stronger, and we are doing more public welfare activities. In the activity, we learned to be grateful and learn to love. Life is alive, and you can do something worthwhile and meaningful to live up to the good life. In my free time, I often listen to nature. I will watch a flower bloom on the balcony, listen to the sound of the flower bloom; I will stare at the back of a bird, and look forward to other birds walking with me; I will lie down when the day dawns Listen to the singing of the birds on the bed, and guess the joy and sorrow of the song. Listening to nature Newport 100S, everything is affectionate. The light rain leaps and the spring water gurgles, telling the joy in the heart; the nightingale singing, the magpie primula, tells the joy of the world; the red plum Aoxue, the white apricot spit, blooming the fragrance of life. These are all gifts from nature. Only those who love and care will know how to cherish this wonderful time. I keep saying a word on my notebook: "No matter who you meet, he is the one who should appear in your life. It is no accident that he will teach you something." So I also believe that to the people and things around you , I have to double my love. Wheculd go, to experience something I should experience, to meet the people I should meet, we often love, love work, love life, love everything in the world, this life is meaningful
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