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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - The Jacksonville Jaguars were dominated
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The Jacksonville Jaguars were dominated

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for the second week in a row. However http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-t.j.-yeldon-jersey , this time it was all three phases failing on the road as they fell 40-7 to the Dallas Cowboys on the road.Nothing looked good this week. At least last week you could say the defense played a pretty good game and limited opportunities to the Kansas City Chiefs, who boasted the No. 1 offense in the NFL. This week, however, you couldn’t look anywhere without seeing failings on even fundamental levels — the defense was getting gashed in the run game, the offense could only convert four third downs all game Womens Ronnie Harrison Jersey , the coaches looked unprepared, and more.Whereas we, as fans, sometimes present a less-than-cordial view of the games sometimes, it seems Blake Bortles wanted to be just as blunt about how he felt after the game.The Jaguars will be back home next week to host the Houston Texans in what has become a must-win game if this team is going to salvage the season. Going down to a 3-4 record before going to London isn’t going to cut it and this team can’t lose another game in the AFC South race. Since last year’s Thursday night debacle in Pittsburgh Will Richardson Jersey , the Panthers have won only three games. Kyle Allen has started each of them at quarterback.Allen did it again today for Carolina, despite another three that is not as promising: Three lost fumbles on Sunday. (He had two last week in Arizona.)“It just something I have to focus on,” Allen told PFT by phone after the 13-10 victory over the Texans in Houston. “When I scramble, I need to keep two hands on the ball.”Allen scoffed at the notion that his hand size (9-3/8th inches) is an issue in the fumbling.“It has nothing to do with hand size,” Allen said http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-logan-cooke-jersey , pointing out that quarterbacks with large hands and small hands fumble. “I just have to be conscious about it.”There was another moment about which Allen wasn’t conscious when it happened. He had Texans defensive lineman coming straight for Allen, and Allen ducked under it.“I was looking for the X receiver,” Allen said. “I just reacted.”Allen said with a laugh he didn’t even realize that it was Watt bearing down on the quarterback until after the play.If starter Cam Newton can’t return for next week’s game against the Jaguars, Allen will finally start a game in Charlotte. Allen said that he currently doesn’t know whether Newton will return for Week Five, that Allen currently doesn’t know when he’ll know whether Newton will return for Week Five Womens D.J. Hayden Jersey , and that it ultimately doesn’t matter because Allen will prepare to play next Sunday, even if he ultimately doesn’t.
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