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We made a quarterback change.

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The defense has done well. And we’ve lost a lot of games!"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Jaguars Free Agency 2016Jaguars Film RoomNFL DraftJaguars Injury NewsLatest NewsWhat grade would you give the Jaguars offense for the third quarter of the season?New http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-niles-paul-jersey ,8commentsWe made a quarterback change, the defense has been hit or miss, and we’ve lost a lot of games!ByRyan Day, Alfie Crow, Jon Kurland, Brian.Fullford, Ryan O'Bleness, and Filip PrusDec6, 2018,9:35am ESTShareTweetShareShareWhat grade would you give the Jaguars offense for the third quarter of the season?Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY SportsAs the Jacksonville Jaguars get ready to enter the final four games of their schedule tonight, let’s talk about how both sides of the ball did in the third quarter of the season.Every game in the third quarter has been separated by six points or less — a three-point defensive meltdown against the Indianapolis Colts, a four-point offensive meltdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-keelan-cole-jersey , an entire team meltdown against the Buffalo Bills, and then Cody Kessler winning his first game last week in a rematch against the Indianapolis Colts.Let’s take a deeper look though and go past the “we’re 1-3 over the last four games” and see how the team has performed the last quarter.We’ll be grading the offense and defense separately through the week and up first — the offense!Alfie Crow (AlfieBCC)Over the past three games the Jaguars have just over 300 passing yards, combined. Outside of Leonard Fournette, the offense has been less than spectacular, to put it nicely. It didn’t improve really with Cody Kessler at quarterback last week so we will see what happens on Thursday, but outside of the first Colts game it’s been beyond awful.Grade: F+Ryan Day (ryaneatscake)The offense is, to put it mildly, bad. If Leonard Fournette is not in the game and Blake Bortles is under center, you can kiss the game goodbye — which is great and a fun thing to watch every Sunday. The offensive line is allowing a lot of pressure, the backup quarterback is now the starter, the receivers look lost, and the tight ends are pawns. The only bright side is the running backs. Fournette has done okay in the third quarter of the season but with all the injuries up front he hasn’t had much of a chance.Grade: D-Jon Kirland (BCBCouch)To take from the immortal words of the Chappelle Show character Silky Johnson Corey Grant Jersey , what more can be said about the Jaguars offense that hasn’t already been said about Afghanistan? They look bombed out and depleted. Leonard Fournette being back for a couple of games was fun, until he decided to go full Ron Artest, which you never want to do. There are no good offensive linemen left after this quarter eliminated Linder and Norwell. The only positive is we finally moved on from Blake Bortles, but that’s such a big positive that it gives this quarter a solid C from a F.Grade: C-Ryan O’Bleness (ryanobleness)The Jags have averaged just 17.25 points per game in the last four games, with Blake Bortles at the helm for three of those games and Cody Kessler leading the offense to just six points in his first start last week (which was enough thanks to the defense). Leonard Fournette returned from injury during this last quarter, and it’s clear the offense runs a lot better when he is healthy. He returns from his one-game suspension this week, and will hopefully take some pressure off of Kessler. Injuries have depleted the offensive unit, especially along the offensive line. Inconsistent play from the quarterback, wide receiver and offensive line positions have plagued this team, though. The offense has been holding this team back all season. We will see how things go in these final four games with the recent change at quarterback and offensive coordinator, but I don’t believe Kessler to be the long term answer. Grade: D+Brian Fullford (iambwf)Blake Bortles: Benched. Nathaniel Hackett: Fired. Lost to Colts the first time because you couldn’t hold onto a pass. Lost to the Steelers because you couldn’t get a first down. Lost to the Bills because your best player is undisciplined...and your offense can’t get a first down. Beat the Colts the second time with a backup quarterback grateful for elite play from his defense.I don’t want to talk about the offense anymore.Grade: FFilip Prus (JaxonFil)Let’s face it, they’ve been awful in this third quarter. So bad Womens Marcell Dareus Jersey , in fact, that it led to the firing of the offensive coordinator and benching of a quarterback with a freshly minted contract extension. They’re decimated by injuries, sure, but so are a lot of teams in the NFL who are still competing. Even in their lone win of the quarter last week against the Colts, the offense was only able to put up six points. Against the Bills when they were moving the football a little buit and scoring points, Fournette self-imploded and got himself kicked out and suspended an extra week. The good news is there’s nowhere to go but up in the fourth quarter, and hopefully Cody Kessler and Scott Milanovich can get a little bit of a groove going with Fournette back in the fold.Grade: F Let’s answer some questions ahead of the Jacksonville Jaguars facing the Houston Texans in Week 2!Lincoln from Liberty, MOQ: With Nick Foles being hurt, what is your outlook on the rest of the season? What are your predictions for the productivity of our offense?A: This week will tell us a lot about the new offense under Gardner Minshew. Last week was a bit unpredictable — Minshew hadn’t practiced with the offense and the Kansas City Chiefs don’t have the best secondary in the world. Now, Minshew is getting reps all week. He’s studying film. The coaches are building their game plan around him and what he does well. Truthfully, I have zero idea what to expect, but Minshew looked good in Week 1. Very good. He wasn’t just checking down or throwing it to tight ends and running backs in the flat — he was throwing it downfield early and often. If the defense can do its job Josh Lambo Jersey , things aren’t as bleak as they may appear.Chad from Jacksonville Beach, FLQ: How much should we read into the defense’s Week 1 performance knowing that we played against a top 3 offense in the league? Obviously there are behavioral challenges, but can these guys actually play? A: Not much. This defense always has a game or two where there are major breakdowns and communication issues. This wasn’t a game we were supposed to win anyway, so it’s not the worst week to get this out of their system. I would be more worried about defensive coordinator Todd Wash. He got pencil whipped by Andy Reid. The Chiefs have playmakers on offense but we have playmakers too. It should have been far more balanced than it was.Chevin from Jacksonville, FLQ: Gardner Minshew played exceptionally well in relief of Nick Foles. Was Minshew really that good or was the Chiefs defense just that bad?A: Both, but I’ll give the nod to Minshew. He didn’t panic. He looked poised and confident running this offense. Again, if he continues to take what he’s learning in the film room and translate it as well as the coaches say he can onto the practice field, the season isn’t a loss.Jason from St. Augustine, FLQ: What did we do to deserve this? A: Look on the bright side, Jason — the Jaguars look to have finally drafted a good quarterback.Jimmy from Port Orange, FLQ: With Nick Foles being out anywhere to 8 to 10 weeks, do the Jaguars intend on shopping for a quarterback? A: Nope. What you saw this week in trading for Josh Dobbs is what we plan on doing right now. Steve from Sydney http://www.thejaguarslockerroom.com/authentic-taven-bryan-jersey , AustraliaQ: If the Jaguars catch fire with Gardner Minshew, does Nick Foles come straight back in as starter in Week 11 or do you keep going with Minshew? A: I think it’s highly unlikely Minshew plays as well as he did Week 1 for the rest of his time under center. But if he does (big, nearly impossible if!) then you ride the hot hand and thank God you found your long term answer at quarterback in the sixth round.Chris from Niagara Falls, CanadaQ: Is 20 years too long to love something that never loves you back?A: Ask my ex-wife.Kathy from Palm Coast, FLQ: Who is in charge of the defense? Is it Todd Wash or Doug Marrone? A: Todd Wash.Brandon from Louisburg, NCQ: The Houston Texans released Aaron Colvin. Would you resign him? A: Nope.Greg from Ocoee, FLQ: Why so much zone defense? A: Because the Kansas City Chiefs might have the most speed on offense of any team in the NFL. You can’t reasonably expect guys like Jalen Ramsey — as gifted as they may be — to keep up with them play after play after play in man coverage. Should there be more press and man coverage? Yes. But if you gamble too much, all it takes is one play for their stamina to run out and for a Sammy Watkins or Tyreek Hill to burn you. Wash was playing it conservatively, for sure, but there was a reasoning behind it.
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