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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - longer worry about tho
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longer worry about tho

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When we grow up, we have to step into society, and now we do n��t even understand the simplest social issues, how to step into society. Some people say that a little more time is not enough? But growing up may be something that some people hope, but, I do not want to grow up very much. After growing up, it was either a family problem or a social problem. When I was young, I could get the understanding of my father and mother if I didn't know how to do things. When I grew up, I would have to be criticized for doing wrong things. I often think about what I will be when I grow up, what job I have assigned, and whether I will be as happy as I am when I grow up. Growing up is a very scary thing in my heart. For example, like my dad and mom, they spend all day on their livelihood. If they do n��t have money, they ca n��t eat, drink, or wear. And I study all day long and don't have to worry about money. When we grow up, if we ca n��t get into a good university, we have to do hard work. However, we are now spoiled by our parents and do nothing, as people often say: ��When an official goes to death, he works We ca n��t do anything. ��Our generation just has no patience. If we fail to do something, we think that if we have failed anyway, we will still fail. When I grow up, I have to do things for my children, all day long for money or social issues. Growing up is a terrible thing in my eyes, terrible is terrible in that it is not necessarily a good thing. When you grow up, you have to worry about everything you do, and you have to be careful. For example, being a doctor must carefully prescribe medicine for the patient; being a cashier must carefully calculate each account, wrongly deducting wages, and must be criticized; being a teacher must be more worried about the study of students. Although growing up does not need to write homework Marlboro Gold, but many problems make you headache. For example, how to buy something is not a liar, how to spend less and buy something practical. What to eat today, what to eat tomorrow. Working without weekends, all day I think about earning a living. When you grow up, you must save every money carefully, so that each money has its own purpose Marlboro Red. Growing up in other people's eyes differs from my eyes by 18,000 miles. Growing up, in the eyes of some people who do not like to do their homework, it is simply a matter of beauty that cannot be more beautiful. And I think that growing up is a headache and troublesome thing, because in my eyes, when I grow up, I have to take on responsibilities and obligations, which in my opinion are very cumbersome. When one grows up, one has to survive the test of life slowly, and one has to walk slowly through the dangerous single-wood bridge to reach the other side of success. It's hard to get through this stage, the time is running away, and the patience of the person is being worn away little by little. Growing up is annoying in my eyes, annoying, but it must be accepted. Growing up is the day of our troubles and the days of tempering us. Growing up, approaching day by day, made me worry more than once, and disgust once more. Although it is inevitable that people grow up Marlboro Cigarettes, but I really hope that time can stay at this stage, has always let me worry-free, no longer worry about those things. Growing up has buried a scared "seed" in my heart, this "seed" will take root in my heart. Growing up like a bomb, it would blow me all at once in my heart. Ah! I really hope I do n��t grow up because I ��m afraid of growing up.
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