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???? ????????? ? ??????????? ???????????? ?????????? ????? :: Просмотр темы - Spinning quietly
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Spinning quietly

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Spinning quietly, jumping gently, softly and elegantly, this is my initial understanding of ballet. On an occasional occasion, I met ballet. When I was young and ignorant, I only saw its glorious side, but Ignore its hard and cruel side. For each jump, the ballet actor did not know how many times he had to pass the test of blood and tears under the stage. With each spin, the ballet actor had to fall through the stage and struggled to stand up Online Cigarettes. Someone once said: "What is the most beautiful dance in the world? Is it ballet, what is the coolest art in the world? Or ballet." Yes, ballet is the combination of angel and demon, behind it is a red iron piece. The scalding of the actors was done until the long thick cocoon came, and the actors often endured the huge pain and kept standing until the blood that oozed out stained the upper, but it Become the most popular dance in the world because it has a cruel back. When the ugly duckling fluttered its wings, people were only amazed by its beautiful moment, and ignored the fact that it was frozen and faint in the ice and snow. One person succeeded. People often envy his glorious side and ignored his hard work under the lamp. Bing Xin also said: "The successful flower, people are often only surprised by its beauty, but its buds were soaked in the sweat of struggle." Therefore, only countless falls can achieve your final glory. I used to think that successful people are all "luminous bodies", no matter where I hear, I hear the sound of praise, all I see are applause and flowers, but I do n��t know that behind him is to achieve himself with will and faith in countless failures. of. They often say: "Life is like a journey. The scenery in front of us is never something we can control, nor can we control. What we can do is just get calm after stepping out. The rapids Marlboro Cigarettes, cliffs, and roads are not terrible. The key lies in how you use reason to persuade yourself to continue your next journey. " Yes, if ballet gives up its cruelty, how can it be beautiful, the beauty itself is not beautiful, but the story behind it, it has achieved its beauty. Goethe once said: "The reason why people's hands are upward is not to pick the most beautiful star Cheap Cigarettes, but to maintain its upward posture." The beauty of ballet is best explained here. There is no music, some are just struggle, there is no audience, some are only yourself, the stars are beautiful but cruel because of their shortness. It's so cruel that we haven't had time to shout pain, it has knocked you down heavily; it's short enough that we haven't had time to face it, it has disappeared without a trace, but our upward gesture is eternal, whether it is a dark night In the bright daytime, it will always be upward, and will not sag because it cannot reach the stars. Beauty is my pursuit, my dream, it looks like a scent of flowers, overflowing around my soul, and beauty is only after you have tasted sweet and bitter, tasted the life's various forms, after the storm, after watching the ebb and flow Suddenly realized
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