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Urwerk Watch Replica 103 collection 103.09 WG

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URWERK UR-220 - Falcon task, carbon fiber version

Swiss self-employed watchmaker URWERK just released the UR-220 "Falcon Project", which is a new member of the popular UR-Satellite series.Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project . The new UR-220 is backed with a manual wound motion and control panel. It retreats into URWERK's early technology within a more fashionable, ergonomic, and breathtaking situation.

Although UR-220 has adopted some of the features of its predecessor, the whole movement has been reimagined, re-designed and redesigned.

URWERK's famous oil change indicator is positioned on the back of the watch as well as returns after years of lack to show the watch's cumulative engine running time. The actual UR-110 model has lengthy adopted this original info. In the UR-220 model, the actual oil change indicator has its own well-thought-out upgrades.

In UR-220, the oil change indication adopts the shape of a electronic counter calibrated in a few months and is displayed on 2 adjacent rollers. The owner of the particular movement starts to document the running time from the movement. The owner removes the protection pin and presses typically the button on the back of often the UR-220.Richard Mille RM 67-02 Automatic Alexander Zverev

Since then, the counter shows the cumulative running period of the watch in weeks. When it reaches 39 several weeks, it is time to send the watch with regard to repair and change the essential oil. The URWERK watchmaker will certainly reset the counter in order to zero and replace the flag at the end of the service.

The particular UR-220 watch is influenced by the case of a spaceship made of carbon. This is the very first high-tech transformation of this typical element by URWERK. In this way a very strong but lightweight watch case, which is made from 81 ultra-thin layers associated with high-resistance 150g CTP co2 compressed into hard resin. The carbon structure regarding UR-220 has a unique design, and the delicate and normal lines highlight the competition of the shell.replica watches price

The predecessor involving UR-220 uses a patented satellite television indicator, which indicates the running around time on three revolving cubes. Then, when they joined the 120-degree mark connected with 60 minutes, they picked up the moment hand. At the end of the hours, the minute hand will leap back to the beginning of the scale and become picked up before the next hour or so. To minimize the inertia associated with retrograde minutes, each side in the pointer is pierced to really make it as light as possible.

The only real other indicator on the switch is the power reserve. This is shown on the two upper/lower yards, once every 24 hours. Following the movement is wound, the actual pressure gauge on the correct responds first. Once the 24-hour power reserve is displayed, the particular left meter will take more than.Jacob & Co Epic X Chrono Bugatti EC333.29.AA.AA.A

Splitting the power reserve signal result is a complex job that requires 83 mechanical components. Martin Frei also developed a new font for the UR-220 numbers. With URWERK's radioactive green uniforms, their brand new design makes time and moments clearer.

With the UR-220 seat belt, URWERK once again set foot in fresh areas. This is the company's 1st rubber strap, so it should be special. The strap is actually cured, molded and distinctive by the Vulcarboné© process to provide it a velvety really feel. In order to produce this impact, years of research on nanotexture are required. Then the strap will be sewn and finished manually to ensure the highest comfort, power and appearance.Bovet replica watches

technical details

Model: URWERK UR-220 "Falcon Project" graphite version


UR-7. 20 movement URWERK
Turning: manual winding
Escapement: Switzerland lever
Frequency: 28, eight hundred v / h : 4 Hz
Hairspring: toned
Energy: Single barrel
Gemstones: 59
Power reserve: 48 hrs

ARCAP P40 foundation plate, aluminum 3D moment hand, with bronze counterweight; steel central spring. Light weight aluminum hour satellite; Carrousel and also grade 5 titanium anchoring screws.


The spare link and module are dark circles.
Black shot peened power reserve dial.
Satellites blown vertically, with polished bevels.
Carrousel and its cage tend to be finely ground with circular satin. Rhodium-plated black.

Typically the satellite cam is carefully frosted and has a rounded satin finish.

Painted SuperLuminova markers: The power reserve sign is white with glowing blue light; it glows eco-friendly for hours and minutes; once the 60-minute mark and the reserve of power scale are over, red-colored glows green.

Polished anchoring screws.

Wandering time regarding satellite complications (URWERK patent)
3D counterclockwise
Dual reserve of power indicator
The oil modify indicator on the two rollers on the back shows typically the cumulative running time on the movement (in months)


Material: Carbon CTP (Carbon Thin Layer)-81 levels
Dimensions: Width: 43. 8mm; Length: 53. 6mm; Level: 14. 8mm
Glass: Sky-blue crystal
Case back: Dark DLC on titanium along with sapphire crystal glass.
Water-resistant performance: pressure test as much as 30m / 3 TELLER MACHINES

Black DLC, shot-blasted crown; black DLC liquid crown guard; matt dark-colored smooth carbon fiber strap
Back again: Black DLC on the matte bottom cover
Stitches: silk finish, frosted carving, refined hands
Sapphire crystal
Refined screws

Vulcarboné vulcanized rubber, reference "Kiska", along with black DLC buckle; Velcro

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